AZEM Legacy Series Schedule

January 12th: Avondale City Champs - (Play or Draw) (54 Players)

February 10th: Preliminary Trial (Amazing Discoveries: Gilbert) (33 Players)

March 16th: City Championship (Phoenix Gaming Lounge) (57 Players)

April 6th: Preliminary Trial (Connected Gaming) (20 Players)

May 11th: Preliminary Trial (Amazing Discoveries: Tucson) (11 players)

June 2nd: City Championship (Snapcasters Gaming and Espresso) (44 players)

June 15th: Preliminary Trial (Phoenix Gaming Lounge) (15 players)

July 13th: City Championship (Amazing Discoveries: Gilbert) (57 players)

September 7th: Preliminary Trial (Snapcasters Gaming and Espresso) (16 players)

September 14th: City Championship (ST Games and Comics) (31 Players)

November 16th: Arizona Legacy Masters Tournament (Location TBD)

Notable Legacy Events

September 20th - 22nd - MagicFest Atlanta - USA - Georgia
September 27th - 29th - MKM Series Barcelona - Spain
October 31st - November 3rd - Eternal Weekend - USA - Philadelphia
November 9th - 10th - Dutch Open Series -Netherlands
November 22nd - 24th - MKM Series Prague - Czechia
November 29th - December 1st - MagicFest Bologna - Italy
December 6th - 8th - Nebraska Wars - Italy
December 21st - 22nd - Eternal Weekend - France