Later That Same First Day

I've learned an insane amount. Look at this card's casting cost; it's insane!

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Each week I expected things to change, and each week they stayed the same, leading to an article from yourstruly that explored several possibilities why such an obvious metagame shift wasn't happening.

That article focused on ways the big mana decks could be tuned a little more towards the aggressive matchups, since I surmised that those decks were likely to be suppressing any move toward big mana to an extent. However, that shift finally occurred at Grand Prix Las Vegas earlier this month, where two Tron decks made the Top 8 and four more were in the Top 16. And out of those six lists, all of them were the now stock Mono-Green variety. No additional splashes for creature removal, just good mana and the typical slate of velocity and big threats.

ritual card.jpg

The best one drop!