Daniel Espinoza

Most people call me Espy. I love playing unfair combo decks in Legacy. I’ve done pretty well with U/B Renaimator(prior to B/R taking over), Eldrazi and Turbo Depths over the years, but I’ll mix it up from time to time and play "fair" decks like RUG Delver, Miracles and other boring decks. Legacy is far and away my favorite format and my prized legacy possession is a completely signed Turbo Depths deck. Recently made Top 8 of GP Atlanta.



Franky Rodriguez

I’ve been playing Magic on and off since 1997. I love the game and have been playing competitively for the last few years. I make sure I it to every Legacy GP in the U.S. and I've had a blast in every one I've played in. I'm all for supporting the Magic Community and always have several decks readily available for people to have the chance to play. I can play it all but I favor combo decks like ANT because I always like having the "Oh, I win" factor. 




Zach Zent

I'm a legacy only player, and the founder of the #notmyformat movement. I started playing legacy in 2016, and since then I have been broke.

Likes: Legacy.

Dislikes: Not Legacy


Tom Kauffman

I used to throw nerds out of the nuclear reactor control room on my submarine for talking about this game. Later, I was talked into trying it at sea, and as soon as we got back I played at the Alliances prerelease in 1996. I consider myself excellent at board state, and equally horrible with all card interactions. I play really slow, so pee before you sit down.


David Szatkowski

Been playing magic since Conflux off and on. Gravitated to Eternal formats quite quickly after being introduced. Been playing storm in Legacy and Vintage for years now.